Professional No Fees & Decentralized Exchange for Cryptocurrencies

About Bit2Me DEX

The Third Generation of crypto exchanges has arrived!

Bit2Me DEX is a professional decentralized exchange with no trading fees, advanced features, curated user interface, a variety of cryptocurrencies and high liquidity. It's providing the safety and security that crypto desperately needs!

Trade tokens directly from your wallet. Leverage blockchain technology to trade. Bit2Me DEX is the pathway to decentralization.

No custodianship, no account sign-ups, private, no compromises.


Advanced Features

Control your funds

No withdraw and deposits it's required. Don't take risks!

No Signups

No account and identity it's required. Trade in 5 seconds!

Hardware Wallets

Not only Metamask. Too Ledger & Trezor it's suported.

Realtime Chart

Track the price and updates with +50 advanced features.

Buy / Sell strategies

Market & Limit orders are supported.

Fiat plugin

Convert between fiat and cryptos: transfer, card & cash.

Customize it

Multiple languages and themes for customize the platform.

In-APP Transfers

Check your balance and send assets directly.

The evolution

Generations of Exchanges

Generation 1

Centralized exchanges. Not are transparent. You can be scammed, your funds can be stolen,... you loose the control completly.

Generation 2

Your funds are in an Smart Contract. Is transparent but you loose features like DAO votes, PoS revenues, Airdrops,...

Generation 3

You have the funds. The trade is wallet to wallet in a atomic transaction. You have all the control and all the blockchain benefits.


Why is DEX the best

Transparent & secure

In 2018 more than $1000 million dollars was stolen from centralized exchanges. Bit2Me DEX don't hold your funds, no there are nothing to stole. Transparent and secure as Blockchain technology is.

No trading fees

We remove all kind of barriers, included the fees. We bet for a decentralized world and we incentive a easy and no cost transition. Trade any asset with 0% fee per trade, and no hidden fees & no hidden escrow.

High Liquidity

We really know how important liquidity is for a future with decentralized exchanges. For this reason all the market makers are welcome. We work in a high liquidity decentralized exchange creating strategies.

Amazing experience

Curated interface, cool plugins and in-app tools provide a professional experiece with the best realtime feedback. Each new version will have new features for mantain Bit2Me DEX as best Exchange over the world.

Fast Support

Behind Bit2Me DEX there are people, and in front of Bit2Me DEX there are people too. Well, Let's go to talk! We are here to help you in any doubt that you have. Too, we are open to hear your feedback.


Internet it's better with APIs. We provide a powerful toolset used to interact with Bit2Me DEX public market data over HTTP or websocket. You are completly free to use it as you want. It's perfect for auto-trading.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. You do not need to create an account or go through tedious identity verification processes.

Why? Bit2Me does not hold, or touch, your funds at any time. We never control any of your cryptocurrencies. There is not even a smartcontract that we have programmed where we store your cryptocurrencies temporarily. The asset of value is always yours and is transferred from your wallet to the destination wallet, instantly under the conditions indicated by you.

DEX works with an advanced protocol on Blockchain technology allowing the exchange to occur directly between wallets.

This means that you do not need to make a deposit of your cryptocurrencies on any platform, that is: no third party must safeguard your cryptocurrencies so that transactions can occur.

Only you have the cryptocurrencies.

In your wallet. Not are in a third party, or even in a smartcontract. You have them in your wallet. Bit2Me DEX has quantum capabilities.

  • Superposition: Your cryptocurrencies are yours but at the same time they are reflected "in another dimension", the Bit2Me DEX trading platform.
  • Entanglement: The interaction in the DEX dimension generates a direct result in the cryptocurrency of your wallet.
  • Multiverse: Bit2Me DEX allows you to have your tokens interacting in parallel with as many smartcontracts as you wish (in as many parallel universes as you wish).
  • Quantum Tunneling: Bit2Me DEX allows a cryptocurrency to travel between two wallets, A and B, in an atomic transaction, without passing through any intermediate point and without extra cost.

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